The Mighty Booths offers different photo booth options - one of which is the traditional photo booths that utilise physical backdrops (as opposed to the Movie Star Green Screen Photo Booths which utilises virtual backgrounds).

In some photos taken within the photo booth (i.e. bigger groups photos), the backdrop becomes somewhat irrelevant as you can hardly see it.  However, in photos where there are fewer number of people, the photo booth backdrop does contributes to the overall look of the photo.

All the packages that we offer comes with a choice of backdrops or backgrounds.  Of course it is the client who decides whether they want to use the backdrop that we are offering or if they want to use their own backdrop.  We have had clients in the past that opted not to use the ones that we have on offer.

In the article Personalise Your Photo Booth Experiece Photo Booth Experiece - we listed all the elements that comprised your Photo Booth hire service.  In this article, we are showing just the backdrops to give you an idea on how wide the range of options that you have.


In addition to the backdrops above, there are 12 new backdrops that we have recently added.


For more information on any of our photo booth hire services, please do not hesitate to contact us



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