> Chroma keying techniques - allows layering of images

> Uses Virtual Backgrounds - any good resolution image can be used as a background

> Multiple Backgrounds can be used in one session

> Customisable texts, logos, messages

> Full 4" x 6" printouts

> Requires a minimum 2.5m x 2.5m space

> Portable and can be set-up indoors and outdoors (as long as it is protected from the elements) and with overhead cover

> Produces crisp images utilising Canon DSLR Camera and Hiti Kiosk Printer

> Remote control/touch screen operation

This is a Photo inside The Movie Star Photo Booth

This was a photo that was taken at Daniel's Hawaiian Themed Party...which utilised a number of Hawaiian scenery and theme as backgrounds of the photos taken inside the Photo Booth.


The photo booths which we launched our business with in 2011 utilises Chroma Keying techniques. Such technique is widely used by the entertainment industry.

Commonly referred to as the “green screen” photo booth, it combines the latest technology with traditional photo booth elements. The result is a unique fun experience and a photo keepsake that you, your guests and love ones will surely cherish forever!

Mobile Green Screen Photo Booths Perth

These photo booths are portable and can be set-up either indoors or outdoors (as long as it’s sheltered from the elements) and as long as a power supply is available within close proximity.

The exact size of the Photo Booth enclosure is 2m x 2m x 2.2m.  For the green screen 3D photobooth set-up, this is the minimum space required as the photo booth will not work as effectively as it should if the space is smaller.

As a result, if opting to use the Green Screen Photo Booth for your event, We request a space of 2.5m x 2.5m to be allocated for the photo booth as we also bring a box of props that we place on a table for you and your guests to use.

We use a Canon DSLR camera, resulting in high quality images, front and back touch screen LCD monitors to choose your backgrounds and view your photos and a dye sublimation photo printer that prints lab quality photos within 10 seconds.

These photo booths are capable of taking full frame images – not just head shots.

The printed photos provided to you and your guests are 4 inches by 6 inches in size only.  Strip photos are not available when opting to have the Green Screen photo booth.

We customise the backgrounds, layouts and templates according to your specifications.

And we always bring with us a box full of props to maximise the fun!


Green Screen Photo Booths | The Mighty Booths

This photo was taken at the Closing Ceremony of the first ever World Water Polo Championship, Youth Division which was held in Perth.  The image of the pool (which was where the competition took place) was provided to us by the event organisers to use as one of the backgrounds of the participants' photo booth photos.

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