Hire a photo booth for your wedding

Having a photo booth as part of the wedding entertainment at your wedding reception is a fantastic idea. Following are some of the reasons why.

  • After doing this business since November 2011, we have witnessed that a photo booth is a great entertainment for your guests. It provides hours of fun to people of all ages. It brings out the inner child in people or the inner artist, the inner model, the inner joker. The photo booth provides the perfect setting for people to be silly, to be creative, and to be fun!
  • Having those photos instantly printed – it is priceless! You can hear your guests giggling, showing their photos to other guests who will in turn have a go in the photo booth.
  • After the wedding – those photos that your guests take home with them gets displayed on their fridges or placed in a frame. They live forever! 
  • A photo booth bridges the gap across cultures and generations. Whereas it used to be difficult to find appropriate entertainment for weddings due to the fact that guests often span several generations and/or culture, this is no longer the case. Photo Booth to the rescue! Although to start with some people might be a little shy at first, take it from us - it only need the first couple or the first group to go into the photo booth and soon enough you will have a queue happening.
  • When you hire a photo booth for your wedding, we highly recommend that you include the memory book service. This is an awesome add-on.  Here is what's included in the Memory Book service.

A second staff will ensure that a copy of every photo taken in the photo booth is placed in the premier dry mount album. 

Then he/she will request the guest(s) in the photo to write a message for you in the album

The end result is a brilliant keepsake of formal and serious photos, wacky photos, fun photos, photos that don’t make sense and in some cases, photos that are for your eyes only.

All the supplies (dry mount album. metallic pens, tape glues) are provided. 

  • And of course as part of the service, you will get a digital copy of all the photos taken at your wedding.  These are high resolution images that you can later on enlarge, upload on your wedding website or on your social media pages or even incorporate into your wedding video.


Which photo booth should you book for your wedding?

These are the most popular photo booth services for weddings.  Check out each of these photo booth services (click on each type for more information) and book the type that you like best.  Our favourite is the Flower Wall photo booth ♥.

Open Photo Booth | Enclosed Photo Booth | Flower Wall Photo Booth | Mirror Photo Booth

Alternatively, please give us a call on 0468 638 063 if you would like to have a chat or have anything else in mind.  We are always happy to explore different ideas and scenarios.  When it comes to photo booth (and flower wall), nothing is too hard.

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