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Personalised Photo Booth Experience

More than anything else, we aim at providing you and your guests the best photo booth experience!  Thank you for booking our service and for your trust.  We truly appreciate it.

This article discusses in detail how to personalise your photo booth images if you have selected to have the traditional photo booth (not the green screen) for your event.  

If you opted to use the Green Screen photo booth, please read the article Personalising Your Green Screen Photo Booth instead.

Here are the main features of the Traditional Photo Booth:

  • Uses Physical Backdrops.  We offer a large selection of photo booth backdrops as shown below.
  • You are welcome to provide/use your own backdrop.
  • The instant prints produced immediately after your photo is taken can either be in Strip photos (2x6") - just like the very old photo booths or in Postcard (4x6") size.  We customise the layouts for your event.  We can add names, dates, images and icons, logo, and so much more!
  • It has a Video recording facility that we can activate should you wish to use it (additional fee may apply).
  • Your own logo, texts, messages, font choice and branding can be incorporated in the photo.
  • Social Media compatible - you can directly upload photos into facebook and other platforms instantly (additional fee may apply) or we can upload your photos into facebook or a private gallery after your event (free on all packages).

Photo Booth Backdrops

Choose your prefered backdrop from a wide range as shown on the slideshow.  If you do have a backdrop in mind and we do not have it on the gallery - please let us know and we will do our best to source it for you.

Otherwise please note that you are not limited to using our backdrops.  If you prefer to use your own backdrop, our set-up is so flexible that this will surely be accommodated. 

Or, you may not even need a backdrop at all and utilise other elements in your venue instead.  For example - a rustic brick wall is a great backdrop.

Flower wall backdrops along with Flower Wall Photo Booth packages are also available.

To further see how these backdrops look on real photos from previous events, please refer to our facebook page or check out our gallery.

NEW Photo Booth Backdrops

In addition to over 20 curated backdrops above, we have 12 new ones for you to choose from

Whitewash Wood

Whitewash Wooden Backdrop Perth


Marble Photo Booth Backdrop Perth

Blush Petal

Blush Petal Photo Booth Backdrop Perth


Brick Photo Backdrop Perth

World of Colours

World of Colours Backdrop Perth

Leopard Safari

Leopard Safari Backdrop Perth

Starry Night

Starry Night Backdrop Perth

Turquoise Glitter

Turquoise Glitter Backdrop Perth

Back to the 80s

Back to the 80s photo booth Backdrop Perth

Geometric Gold

Geometric Gold Backdrop Perth

Fuchsia Glitter

Fuchsia Glitter Photo Booth Backdrop Perth

Aussie Rock

Aussie Rock Photo Booth Backdrop Perth

Photo Layout

The Mighty Booths' photo booth allows you to choose the size of the instant prints in either full postcard size 4x6 inches or cut strip size 2x6 inches.
Photos can also be printed on larger sizes such as 5x7 inches and 6x8 inches for a small additional fee.


If you choose the Cut Strip 2 x 6 Photo Layouts, you can choose to have either a 3 strip layout or a 4 strip layout.

Here are some samples of the 3 strips (CUT) layout

Here are some samples of the 4 Strips (CUT) layout

Please note though that the above layouts is how your photos will be printed and given to your guests - however on the USB that we hand to you after your event, each of the individual photos will be saved (on high resolution) plus the "template" photo which is the one that gets printed.



If you find the strips to be too small - you have the option of having the bigger size 4 x 6 photos at no extra cost! 

Below are some samples of the different photo layouts.

1 Snap Layout - postcard size 4x6

3 Snaps Layout - Postcard Size 4x6

2 Snaps Layout - Postcard Size 4x6

4 Snaps Layout - Post Card Size 4x6

If you opt for the CUT Strip layout, you will need to choose between 3 snaps or 4 snaps - with 3 snaps being the most popular as it allows better customisation of text/images/icons.

If you opt for the POSTCARD Size layout, you can choose up to 4 different styles in any combination.  We do recommend a choice of 2 styles as most effective.

We cannot mix the CUT Strip Layout with the Postcard Size Layout.

We aim to design the the layout of your photos according to your specifications.  The full postcard size photos are also saved in the same manner as the strip photos - each individual snap (shot) is saved as a separate high resolution file.

Once you have made a decision on the layout as well as all the other details requested, we will put together a mock-up layout for you to critique.

Text, Logo, Icon, Image

Texts, logo, icons and images can be added and incorporated in the overall design of the layout.  Here are some samples:


HD Video Messaging

Our photo booth comes with an added feature - HD Video Messaging capabilities - on top of it's photo taking capabilities.  So your guests can have fun photos takes in the booth then have the option of leaving you fun video messages as well!

HD Video Messaging is an additional service that we can activate for a small fee.  Please note however that the video messaging facility is best activated when the photo booth is not closely located to the DJ.


Thank you so much for your fantastic customer service over the past few days. The Mirror Photo Booth was so popular at the conference and made our stand! Everyone loved it!
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Thanks for a great night. Everyone had a good time!
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Thank you so much for joining us as we kicked off our 30th birthday celebrations at the PICA 30 GALA on 20 July. It was wonderful to have so many significant contributors to PICA’s past, present ...
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Thank you so much for coming again at such short notice! We’ve had wonderful feedback from the attendees.
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Thank you so much for providing the photo booth for the school disco. It was a huge hit! See you again in November!
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