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Are you looking to hire a flower wall for your next event?  We have a large range that you can choose from. These flower walls are perfect as media walls, photo stations, selfie corners, backdrops, to hide unsightly walls, complementary decor and more!

Flower Wall Hire Service

Up to 24 hours of Flower Wall Hire - we are very flexible in terms of delivery and set-up as well as pick up timeframe.


These Flower Walls and Greenery Walls are 2.2m x 2.2m.


Althought these are free standing, the walls must be situated where it is protected from the elements especially the wind - open spaces are rather difficult unless they can be secured.


Price is inclusive of GST, delivery, set-up and pick up within 30km of Perth CBD.



Add a 3.5m Red Carpet or Artificial Grass Carpet for $30.

Decals of up to 2 lines can also be added for $80.



Flower Walls can be hired for multi-day events.  Please contact us for a custom quote.

Which of these flower walls will best complement your event and theme?

Shades of White Flower Wall

The Shades of White Flower Wall is 2.2m x 2.2m and is made up of 2 layers.  The base is a mat of ivory artificial hydrangea flowers and white roses.  Then a second layer is added at the top to the middle portion of the wall in bunches and strategically scattered to create a stunning effect.  Each bunch is made up of high quality white, cream and ivory silk roses, lillies, peonies.  Other colours and flowers can be introduced into the mix if required.

The Hedge Flower Wall

The Hedge Flower Wall is 2.2m x 2.2m and is made up of 3 layers.  The base is a mat of artificial boxwood panels.  A second layer of white rose vines were added at the upper portion of the wall.  To complete the glamorous effect, artificial white/cream wisteria vines were added hanging from the top thus covering 2/3 of the boxwood with roses and wisteria but still showing a hint of greenery.  The remaining 1/3 of the wall shows purely the boxwood panels.  

Just Green Flower Wall

This Just Greens Flower Wall is 2.2m x 2.2m and is made up of 3 layers.  The base is a mat of artificial boxwood panels.  A second layer of green ivy is scattered across the wall then finished off with a third layer of a slightly different shade of buxus leaf meticulously attached on the boxwood panels.  The result is an undestated elegance that look fresh and is a blank canvas for artistic additions.

The Tropical Flower Wall

Feel the tropics with the Tropical Flower Wall!  Measuring 2.2m x 2.2m, this Wall is made up of lush tropical greenery and foliage.  The base is a mat of artificial boxwood panels.  Then a second layer of carefully selected high quality tropical plants including a variety of palms and ferns, monstera, ficus, bird of paradise just to name a few.  Other tropical flowers can be added to this wall if required.

The Australian Flower Wall

A wall with 3 layers.  First are 3 types of artificial green boxwood hedges decorated with weeping greenery.  The second is made up of a large quantity of artificial bottlebrush flowers and gum nuts.  The third consist of a variety of artificial Australian foliage and flowers in different sizes and colours.  This unique flower wall measures 2.2m x 2.2m.

Something Blue Flower Wall

This flower wall also uses the white backing of roses, peonies and hydrangeas.  Then we added various types of artificial flowers in many shades of blues which introduced an array of textures that resulted in a very pretty and almost delicate wall.  Perfect for baby showers, gender reveals or weddings.  This beautiful flower wall measures 2.2m x 2.2m.

Red Flower Wall

Simply called "Red", this flower wall is made up of thousands of high quality artificial red open roses in a variety of sizes.  Each rose heads were meticulously attached to the fabric backing.  The gaps between the flowers were then filled with artificial greenery and the finished product is simply beautiful.  Perfect for Hollywood themed events, galas and balls it oozes pure sophistication and has also graced numerous Spanish Themed and French Soirees. 

The Elegance Flower Wall

The Elegance Flower Wall is very similar in construction to the The Shades of White Flower Wall.  It is also 2.2m x 2.2m and is made up of 2 layers with the base made of ivory artificial hydrangea flowers and white roses.  The bunches of flowers added and strategically scattered in the middle to top portion of the wall are pastel coloured roses and peonies as well as blush and creams .  Other colours and flowers can be introduced into the mix if required.

Kiss Me Pink Flower Wall

Made up of thousands of high quality artificial silk rose flower heads of different species in a variety of shades of cream, white, light pink, champagne, blush and ivory, this 2.2m x 2.2m is a soft, sweet, delicate and versatile flower wall.  Each flower head is expertly attached to the base in different heights and since each flower wall is of different size, it simply looks stunning.  

Bohemian Spring Flower Wall

This Flower Wall showcases the wonderful colours of various flowers that blooms in Spring.  It is bright, lively and fun!  With a green mat as backing, the floral layer is made up of over 30 varieties of high qualty artificial and silk flowers all intricately attached by hand.  The flowers are in multiple sizes and shapes and the result is simply awesome.  Truly one of a kind, this bespoke creation measures 2.2m x 2.2m. 

Splash of Gold Flower Wall

The combination of artificial and silk flowers of different varieties in Whites and Ivories added with flowers that has been refabricated into matte, glossy and even mettalic Golds oozes with elegance and luxury.  Yet again another unique creation, a stunning flower wall that will definitely wow your guests.  This luxurious wall also measures 2.2m x 2.2m.

Pastels on Green Flower Wall

The darker shade of the lush green backing of this flower wall created a beautiful contrast with the accents of pastel coloured high quality artificial florals that were strategically added throughout the wall.  More flowers can be added if needed and this particular sign can be added at no extra cost.  This flower wall also measures 2.2m x 2.2m.

The Rose Garden Flower Wall

The Rose Garden Flower Wall as the name suggests is made with thousands of high quality artificial peony and rose heads in delicate and sweet colours of white, ivory, 3 shades of pinks, cream and burgundy.  Each flower head is meticulously attached to the fabric backing and filled with lush green artificial greenery.  This flower wall is very pretty and has been used in store openings, photo shoots, school balls, bridal showers, hens night and weddings. 

Mainly Purple Flower Wall

The Mainly Purple Flower Wall is also 2.2m x 2.2m.  It is bold and absolutely gorgeous and is made up of different shades of purple and blue hydrangeas, orchids, roses, gerberas and lilies.  Other flowers in shades of pinks, wine reds, burgundy and chocolate browns were also incorporated into the mix thus producing a unique one off creation.  The addition of vibrant greenery completes this flower wall to perfection. 

A Touch of Red Flower Wall

This flower wall has a white and ivory hydrangea mat base and accented with white and ivory floral bouquets to create a pretty 3d effect.  Different size bouquets  of red roses are then strategically added throught which results an beautiful flower wall, each element complementing the other.  This wall can be customised by introducing other floral varieties and colours if required.

Black Rose Flower Wall

Commissioned by the WA Opera for use during the showing of Don Giovanni at His Majesty's Theatre in October 2018, the Black Rose Flower Wall is made up of various sizes of black artificial roses.  Consisting of  approximately 2,500 matte black rose flower heads that were intricately attached to a netting, it is dramatic, classy and oh, so elegant!  Perfect for black tie events, it measures 2.2m x 2.2m.

Wine at Dusk Flower Wall

Is it Dusky Pink or Dusty Pink?  Let's go with Dusky.   This gorgeous flower wall of rich green leaves of various varieties are complemented by dusky pink, white and burgundy roses.  Also measuring 2.2m x 2.2m, it also contain a few white hydrangeas and trailing amaranthus.  Meticulously built, this is a one a kind flower wall that is perfect for your next event.

Can the Flower Walls be Customised?


To some extent, some of the flower walls can be customised.  Where possible, we are always happy to accomodate your requests and requirements. Please call us on 0468 638 063or email us the customisation that you require.

Some photos in front of the flower walls

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