Roman Theme Photo Booth Hire


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Having completed over 400 photo booth hire events in Perth and surrounds as at 31 May 2014, the Mighty Booths has been to our fair share of themed events.  But for the first time last Saturday, 12 July 2014, we did our first ever Roman Themed birthday party in celebration of Gavin's 40th.  The photo booth was organised by wife Michelle along with BFF Tammy and we were requested to bring as much props as we have that will complement the theme.  And judging from the feedback that we received, we definitely did not disappoint :-)

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It was such a nice experience for us.  Everyone that attended the party dressed up according to the theme.  We spent the whole night admiring all the costumes and guessing who they were meant to be.  I had a very good education as the other staff who was with me, Kyle, did a degree in Anthropology majoring in Roman and Greek History.  As a big fan of the TV series ROME - my favourite character of the night was Titus Pollo!

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