The Props

Props are a great addition to photo booths. They are the ultimate ice breaker. The addition of props allows everyone to be creative, spontaneous - and of course, fun!

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Here are some of the props on our collection:

- a large selection of wacky, funky, geeky, quirky glasses

- frames in different shapes, sizes and designs

- masquerade masks of various shapes, designs and colours

- lots and lots of hats in different shapes, designs, colours

- feather boas in a variety of colours

- feather fans and silk fans

- props on a stick, signs, slogans, sayings

- tiaras, sashes, fascinators

- chalk boards

- musical instruments, microphones

- texts/word arts

- theme specific props i.e. pirates, wild wild west, hawaiian, flash and glow, glee, black & white, hollywood, gangster - just to name a few!

We bring along a trestle table with us and we fill this table with props for you and your guests to enjoy.

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We do accept special request for specific props. If you want us to coordinate the props to compliment your theme we will gladly do so.


You are welcome to bring your own props, however, please note that we will not take responsibility in monitoring/safekeeping your props.

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