The Photo Booths

We are very proud to have the most versatile, flexible and portable modern photo booths that are guaranteed to add fun and excitement to your event. Whatever occasion you are celebrating, we have the perfect photo booth for you. Below are some information about our photo booths and the components that makes them the best ones to hire for your special celebrations in Perth and the rest of Western Australia.

The Set-Up 

The Photo Booths will be set up at your venues either as Enclosed Photo Booth Set-Up, Open Photo Booth Set-Up and just recently, we have also introduced the DIY Photo Booth Set-Up.

Open Set-Up Photo Booth from The Mighty Booths This is an Open Set-Up Booth


The Enclosed Photo Booths uses fabric enclosures in 3 different choice of colours - White, Red or Black

No Enclosure for both the Open Photo Booths and DIY Photo Booths.


Choice of backdrops are included in all hire packages. Using Physical Backdrops (The Social Butterfly Photo Booth) - more than 10 backdrops to choose from.  See them here.

Using Virtual Backdrops (The Movie Star), a green screen is used as the physical backdrop and any image (with the correct resolution) can then be superimposed into the image and becomes the backdrop of the final photo. The green screen technology allows for multiple backdrops/backgrounds to be utilised in one session. 

Size of the Photo Booth

With our Social Butterfly Photo Booths, we can work with the space that you have available.  Very flexible in terms of size.

The bigger the space that you have available, the bigger we can make the booth to be, the more people we can fit into the booth for those fun group photos!

If you do not specify a size, our booths are 2m x 2m in size if you opted for the Social Butterfly Photo Booth.

With The Movie Star Photo Booths, we will require a minimum size of 3m x 2.5m.


Elegant Walk In Studio set-up with high quality fabric enclosure (enclosed photo booths) or no enclosures (open photo booths and DIY photo booths). Very flexible set-up that captures individual photo shot to group shots.

All our photo booths are Portable (Collapsible.  

Walk in or studio type with plenty of room.

The Photo Booth Types (Systems)

Social Butterfly - uses physical backdrop. Traditional photos with layouts ranging from 1 snap photos to 4 snaps photos printed in either 4x6" high quality photo paper or cut strips 2x6" size.

Movie Star - uses virtual backdrop. This type utilises the green screen technology where people stand in front of a green fabric backdrop but stored in the computer are different backgrounds. After the photo is taken, the green screen backdrop is replaced with whatever background the person has chosen.  It works like magic!

Both types of photo booths makes use of modern technology featuring the latest SLR cameras, professional photographic lighting and industrial dye sublimation photo printers that results in high lab quality photos and keepsakes for you and your guests to keep.

Our photo booths also features dual touch screen monitors that enables easy selection of templates and backgrounds as well as providing you a view of how your photos have come out. 

Other features include direct upload of photos into social media sites or emails and video messaging.

The Black Enclosed Photo Booth Set-Up at Portofino's, Mindarie Keys

An Open Booth Set-Up at the Floreat Surf Life Saving club for a Year 7 Disco


When opting for the Social Butterfly Photo Booths, there are numerous choices in regards to the layout of the photos printed at your event.  Here are just a few of them:


You can choose to have 3 Strip Cut Photos or 4 Strip Cut Photos or Both!

Photo Booth Photos 3 Strips Cut Layout

Photo Booth Photos 4 Strips Cut Layout 


You can choose to have full single snap photos, 2 snaps full photos, 3 snaps full photos, 4 snaps full photos or have all 4 different layouts and give your guests a choice on which style they like best!

Photo Booth Photos Single Snap Full Photo Booth Photos 3 Snaps Layout




Green Screen Photos are always printed as full photos in either horizontal or vertical orientation. You can choose to have booth orientations and let your guests have fun in selecting a variety of backdrops.

Photo Booth Photos with Green Screen Backdrops  Photo Booth Photos with Green Screen Backdrops

Which style photo do you like the best?

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