The Albums

The Memory Book

In addition to the hosted photo booth service, we also offer the Memory Book service.

After taking some beautiful and fun snapshots inside the photo booth, naturally the next progression is to keep such keepsakes in a memory book (photo album). The photo album after all, has 2 main functions:

  1. To showcase your photos
  2. To protect your photos

You have the option to book the Memory Book Service whihc include:

  • A dry mount photo album 
  • Metallic pens, silver and gold
  • Tape glue
  • A second staff (album attendant)

What we do is we print a copy for everyone in the photo (not just 2 strips) + 1 for the album.

For example, if there are 5 people having a photo taken in the Photo Booth, we will print 5 copies of the photo + 1 for the memory book (album). 

After placing (using a tape glue) the copy for the memory book, our staff will then request your guest(s) to write a message on the book next to their photo.


What type of photo albums do we provide?

We provide a leather bound dry mount album with 50 black pages and comes in a protective box.



2018-04-20 13:53:24
Hi Vilma, Thank you and the photo booth operator very much! The surprise really worked out and everyone enjoyed the photo booth. Hopefully we can work together again soon. All the best, Nadja
2018-03-29 02:58:50
Hi Vilma, The photo booth was great fun! Definitely a lovely addition to our wedding ☺️ Both yourself and Retriever Sound have been wonderful. Thank you, Louise
Louise Kessler
2018-03-26 14:31:19
Hi Vilma Thank you. It was an amazing day. The photobooth was a hit! Thanks to your staff as well. Kind regards Tuyen & Dougie
2018-03-26 14:29:52
Thank you so much, we had a blast and Tim was great. We loved the booth!
2018-01-31 14:56:05
Thanks so much or being a part of our wedding, the photo booth was a huge hit and you guys were just amazing. Im so glad we had you there and everyone is still talking about how much fun it was. Thanks again, Kristen and Nick Koopman





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