The Photo Albums

After taking some beautiful and fun snapshots inside the photo booth, naturally the next progression is to keep such keepsakes in a photo album. The photo album after all, has 2 main functions:

a)      To showcase your photos

b)      To protect your photos

For all premium packages, provision of a dry mount photo album (including Silver and Gold Pens for guests to write messages) is inclusive of the price.

What we do is we print a copy of however many copies of the photo we need to print + 1 for the album.

For example, if there are 3 people having a photo taken in the Photo Booth and each of those 3 people would like a copy of the photo - then we print 4 copies of that particular photo.

One of those copies is placed on the album.

What type of photo albums do we provide?

For the Premium Silver and Gold Packages, we provide a Maxi Dry Mount Black Photo Album with 60 pages.  For the Premium Mighty Package, we provide a Maxi Dry Mount Black Photo Album with 100 pages.

Details of the Album:

- High quality dry mount album with large capacity

- Elegant gold trim, stylish design

- Rice paper-patterned interleaving between every page offering protection to the photos

- measures 29cm deep x 33 cm high x 5.5cm across the spine (empty)

- features double space leaves hence will not flare when filled with photos

- comfortably fits up to 5 pieces 4" x 6" photos.  We normally place 2 photos leaving plenty of room for messages and notes.

- comes in a protective box

Photo Booth Gold Package


When you book a premium package, a dedicated Album Attendant comes with the service.  This person will ensure that a copy of every photo is placed on the album (unless you tell us otherwise) and will request your guests to leave written messages on the album. 

If you decide to book a simplified package, you can still avail of the album service.  However, additional charges will apply.


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